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What Is SEO?

SEO is a marketing technique that allows search engines find and index your website easily. An effective SEO strategy is crucial to increase traffic to your website and thereby achieve a high return on investment. At NetConnect, we use organic SEO techniques that help you obtain a top ranking in major search engine results. Our SEO strategy starts with the process of assigning keywords and we choose relevant keywords based on what your target audience are searching for and the keywords set by your competitors. We offer a successful SEO campaign services at best available price in the industry that involves on- page and off- page search engine optimization. In a nutshell, our SEO strategy encompasses the following steps:

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Total SEO Plan



  • Business analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword research


Website Audit

  • Google”Panda”audit – content quality
  • Page load time benchmarking
  • Google”Penguin”audit – link quality


Keyword Finalisation

  • Initial keyword selection
  • Keyword mapping


Site Promotion

  • Web 2.0 creation
  • Social bookmarks
  • PR Submissions
  • Guest Posts


On-Page Optimization

  • HTML tag
  • URL structure
  • PLT optimization
  • Content Optimization



  • Google Analytics
  • Webmaster Console
  • Sitemaps

SEO Expansion

  • Monthly Organic Keyword Tracking
  • Incremental On-page optimisation
  • Identify New Keyword Opportunities
  • Ongoing site promotion


When you approach us, we make a thorough business analysis to find out your business requirements as well as to understand your customer behavior. We also search for your competitors and evaluate their business strategies to get an idea about their strength and weaknesses and it helps us to develop a more powerful SEO marketing strategy to provide you with an edge over your competitors. We also deliver keyword research as part of the business analysis that enables you to get higher rankings on search engines.

Website Audit

A website audit is a comprehensive analysis of your website to ensure more visibility on search engines. A detailed website audit provides a deep understanding about the traffic of your website, conversion rates, and sales. SEO website audit helps to find out the issues regarding the SEO such as broken images and duplicated content and fix them properly to improve traffic and thereby business revenue.

Keyword Finalisation

Keyword research is the vital part of SEO and when you finalize keyword for your business, you need to go for the keywords that generate a large volume of searches with a low level of competition. Keywords with high search volume and less competition can provide a quick result. If you have a long time to wait for, you can finalize highly competitive keywords with a huge volume of search. At NetConnect, we also use keyword optimization tools to provide you with the keywords that have highest conversion rates.


Configure your website with the tools such as Google Analytics and Webmaster tool that provides a detailed information about your website traffic. It mainly includes the data such as how many visitors landed on your web pages, which keyword has the highest search, the total number of clicks and so on. It also shows crawl errors such as server errors, missing pages and all sorts of issues that prevented search engines from properly crawling your website. To drive the traffic of your website, we submit the sitemap of your website that enables search engines to index your website URLs easily.

On- Page Optimization

On- page SEO has the potential to reach your website at the highest ranking in search engine results. Our on- page SEO strategy includes meta descriptions, meta tags and meta data, URL structure, image optimization, page titles, navigation structure and internal linking. If your website pages’ titles, meta tags, and meta descriptions are unique, it is easy for search engines to show your website in the top positions. We also restructure your website URLs by including the relevant keywords, then it will be easy for search engines to index your website.

Site Promotion

With over millions of websites the visibility of your website on the internet is very crucial. Therefore, a continuous and conscious effort is essential to make sure the visibility of your website. The fastest and easiest way to increase the traffic of your website is the site promotion. There are many ways to promote your website that include URL submission, PR submission, social bookmarks, Web 2.0 authority properties and guest posts. We submit your website to the top search engines and directories to improve the visibility of your website.


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