The client is a leading energy provider with over 30 years of experience in providing pay-as-you-go electricity for household and business owners. They are mainly focusing on pre-paid electricity plans no matter the credit rating and term of contract. Although they were spending a good amount of money on paid advertising campaigns and for Search Engine Optimization, in effect, the client was not getting a better result. When they approach us, they have a clear business objectives and goals to achieve.graph


  • Drive more than 50% of website traffic within three months
  • Achieve sales target by getting new sales leads
  • Build brand awareness among new audiences, especially new pre-paid customers
  • Provide customers with a variety of contents consistently to engage them with your brand



We carried out a thorough analysis of our client’s website, backlinks, social media activities, paid campaigns and content strategy. Additionally, we conducted a detailed analysis of their competitors. Based on these findings, we developed a unique digital marketing strategy that offered high revenue through improved conversions. The significant areas of our strategy were included:

  • Revamped their website to provide customers with an improved user experience as well as to be more attractive and content driven.
  • Developed website landing pages for all their pre-paid energy plans.
  • Provided our client with new revenue opportunities through our well-planned paid advertising strategy that includes Google AdWords campaign, Display and Remarketing ads, and YouTube ads.
  • Executed an effective Search Engine Optimization campaign to enhance the visibility of their website.
  • Developed a better content strategy to engage their audience with their brand through various social media sites, blogs, white papers, and webinars.


  • Achieved 45% increase in their sales than their target within 3 months.
  • Decreased cost per conversion enables them to explore more opportunities in digital marketing by investing more.
  • A wide reach to new customers enhanced the credibility of their brand and customer loyalty.
  • 38% increase in conversion rate from social media campaigns.
  • Increase in paid advertising revenue by an average of 57% each month.
  • An average of 61% monthly improvements in website traffic.
  • 76% increase in video engagements through various digital avenues.


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